30 juni 2017

Vernissage Tres Hombres Art - Joyride ×5 / Tylöhus.

Went to see the v.i.p Vernissage at Tres Hombres Art. Nordin and Gessle has done a great job with their great exhibit all.
It was all redesigned and painted.
The exhibit was cool with some new pics of Kate Moss I didnt see before.

But we went further in to see more art and love thoose superstars of photomagic like Tearry O'Neil, Corbijn, Czon (von Underground) and many more.

The best art was according to Emilia the epic photoart by Czon von Underground -Essence of Baltic with Supermodel Cristina Maria Saracut (Elle & Vogue covermodel) almost nude in front of Göring/Goebbels abandoned castle (villa baltic / villa hausmann) in Kuhlungsborn.
This piece of art hangs between the big gallery on the way into the saloon.

On the photo : Emilia in front of "Von Undergrounds masterpiece"

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