10 juli 2017

Krzywy Las, the haunted and crooked forrest

Out this week in the stores, magazine Allers has our article about the mystic forrest Krzywy Las.
Witches, hauntings, manmade ?
Read more about this in the magazine.

30 juni 2017

Vernissage Tres Hombres Art - Joyride ×5 / Tylöhus.

Went to see the v.i.p Vernissage at Tres Hombres Art. Nordin and Gessle has done a great job with their great exhibit all.
It was all redesigned and painted.
The exhibit was cool with some new pics of Kate Moss I didnt see before.

But we went further in to see more art and love thoose superstars of photomagic like Tearry O'Neil, Corbijn, Czon (von Underground) and many more.

The best art was according to Emilia the epic photoart by Czon von Underground -Essence of Baltic with Supermodel Cristina Maria Saracut (Elle & Vogue covermodel) almost nude in front of Göring/Goebbels abandoned castle (villa baltic / villa hausmann) in Kuhlungsborn.
This piece of art hangs between the big gallery on the way into the saloon.

On the photo : Emilia in front of "Von Undergrounds masterpiece"

27 juni 2017

Per Gessle - kickstartef with a secret show.

En vacker dag it became when king of Pop entered the stage at Leifs Lounge this evening and kickstarted the summer.

Love thoose secret gigs and I guess I've been on them all since,, en händig man.
No, even earlier I guess with GT.

Anyway. Gesslemelencholia rules and you fans that are going to see his tour.
Guess you will have a really good consert too see. Hits from all of his projects; Gyllene Tider, Roxette and from his solo albums.
Dont hold your horses, go and get thoise tickets and party on !

6 april 2017

5 months in our homebuilt van around Europe

Love this 😈
One of us are cooking today and its not me!

The other van of us are relaxing 💚💛💜

Gosh. 5months on the run around Europe in our van and I guess we will continue this endless journey together and in the future with another solution with V & T ❤
We never give up as they say ❤

Anyway. Im off some days to take care of personal matters and solve some stuff  that needs to be fixed.
Emilia has started to write an nice article about Cabo de Palos.

4 april 2017

Crazy wonderful grrrl's E - V - T ❤

Just love this crazy grrrl Emilia ❤

And both of us are hoping that we will have some rad grrrl's visiting from Sweden this coming week ❤❤❤
Nothing is really fixed but we built the van with an extra bed if this would happen.
( soo yes, we have 4 beds total in our rolling home).

2 april 2017

La Manga lagoon aka. Mer Maron - Spain

Vanliving in spain is easy, and the lagoon beside La Manga is nice and we're totally alone on the beaches... Did some economic calculations for a quick trip back home.
Trying to work something out and get rid of some old skeletons in my closet 💙

30 mars 2017

We never give up !!!

Every single day we try ❤

Thx Vampis, Tyris and Emilia for a good day, miss yah but soon again ❤❤❤

29 mars 2017

Fy " Faro Cabo de Palos " Spain and great diving

A magical place to dive with lionfishes, wrecks and if you're lucky manates and sharks. The sight under the water is sometimes +30m. On pic above Emilia is resting after a long dive.
Sometimes you need to climb over cliffs and sharpheaded stones to get to the best diving places but its worth it.
Love thoose eremit crabs with their shells.

27 mars 2017

Lost skateboard amigo in old El Paso

This skateboarding bearded misfit punker gentleman cowboy got lost somewhere in translation on the dead end road to the El Paso secrets.

#beard #fitness #not... #skateboard #elpaso

25 mars 2017

Bathing in Vulcano hot springs in Murcia

We drove through the desert into the vulcanos of Murcia near Fortuna to take a dip in the hot springs.
But nah, we couldnt find them soo instead Emilia took a dip in the purple fields of lavandel.

22 mars 2017

Franco's gold, hmmm.

Gosh. Guess we never find Francos list gold this time ... Anyway my grrrl never give up soo someday we find it 😈

And to my friend Lars in Sweden. Keep it up I know you and Courtney will go on like always, you"ll fix everything and man > love yah !! 

18 mars 2017

Los locos, yes we're ( Torreiveja, spain)

the last dayz on the Los Locos cliffs outside Torrevieja we have been diving a lot outside Franco's old house and complex.
We will find his hidden treasures...

#vanlife #wanderlust #explore #diving

15 mars 2017

Thunder & lightning over the sea before storm

Hell yes, love this thundet and lightning that arose from the ocean before the storm struck Valencia and Spain hard.
Sent some of the images from all of the damages to Reuters and some papers.

Yes I know, Im always a stormchaser ❤

13 mars 2017

Only life we know and our home - Styrbjörn

Somewhere on the medditerian roads on our way to the next adventure.
Styrbjörn the "Van"tastic

8 mars 2017

Per Gessle, release, En vacker natt i slutet av April.

I guess no one missed that "the king of pop" Per Gessle went to blackbird studios in Nashville to record two albums in swedish. First album will be realeased already in April ; "en vacker natt i slutet av April". According to Gessle he has spent more then 400days in Christophers studio so it was why he choosed Nashville this time.A little bit sad not to be around this albumrelease since im in spain.But really looking forward to the albums.

27 februari 2017

Artiklar under produktion

Just nu sitter vi och redigerar ett antal reportage för utskick. 
Artiklar med text och bild samt rörlig media.
Blir nedslag från udda och mystiska platser vi besökt runt om i Europa de sista 3-4månaderna.
Mer info om dessa artiklar / reportage när vi vet mer.

19 februari 2017

Vanliving full time, Europe - Bo i en hembyggd van, heltid, i Europa

A short update from Spain: 
an nice swedish article with a lot of images and video was published in Jönköpingsposten about our vanliving life around Europe.

Here is the article in full (its in swedish)

Take care friends !

11 februari 2017

Back on the white coast in Spain.

Great to be back in our "van-tastic" stealth van after been taking care of some personal business.
The sun is shining and right now im producing some new shows and articles.
More on this story soon. Anyway, Great to be back