6 april 2017

5 months in our homebuilt van around Europe

Love this 😈
One of us are cooking today and its not me!

The other van of us are relaxing 💚💛💜

Gosh. 5months on the run around Europe in our van and I guess we will continue this endless journey together and in the future with another solution with V & T ❤
We never give up as they say ❤

Anyway. Im off some days to take care of personal matters and solve some stuff  that needs to be fixed.
Emilia has started to write an nice article about Cabo de Palos.

4 april 2017

Crazy wonderful grrrl's E - V - T ❤

Just love this crazy grrrl Emilia ❤

And both of us are hoping that we will have some rad grrrl's visiting from Sweden this coming week ❤❤❤
Nothing is really fixed but we built the van with an extra bed if this would happen.
( soo yes, we have 4 beds total in our rolling home).

2 april 2017

La Manga lagoon aka. Mer Maron - Spain

Vanliving in spain is easy, and the lagoon beside La Manga is nice and we're totally alone on the beaches... Did some economic calculations for a quick trip back home.
Trying to work something out and get rid of some old skeletons in my closet 💙